It’s a sure thing, when a young father has a son we see the phenomenon of the two-headed penis.  It’s even worse if it’s an older father who has never had a son before.  He has reproduced himself, what a feat, let the world take notice, his penis has just grown another head.  This wouldn’t  be so bad, if it were a temporary situation, the new dad so identified with his baby son that he loses track of what’s what and whose it is.  The child starts to grow, the dad recognizes he’s a separate person, penis head #2 is transferred to where it belongs, the design of nature is acknowledged and respected.  But what if father holds on to head #2 and won’t give it up?  The son’s penis minus its head has no power, so now the boy has to fight to become his own person and wrest back from his father what’s rightfully his.   It’s a big job for a child who is supposed to depend on his parents to nurture him and help him grow his own unique Self.  Sad how many parents  think they own their children and can tell them who to be instead of affirming who they are.  Interfering,  they are supposed to guard their children from enemy take-over, turns out instead they are the enemy.